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AgriBriefing supports an international community of agribusiness professionals, operating across multiple sectors of the value chain to improve yields, purchase more effectively and build better businesses.

AgriBriefing’s trusted brands deliver price reporting; premium news; analysis; data; insight and market intelligence.

Across AgriBriefing’s market intelligence businesses we provide the independent benchmarks around which agricultural inputs and produce are traded. Over 500,000 professionals in 150 countries rely on our information services to make business decisions worth hundreds of billions of dollars. 

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Relentlessly user-centric in our approach

We provide information in the format our customers wish to receive it, at the appropriate time.

Our brands support decisions across the sector, from the science of feed nutrients, to precision farming developments and the effective operation of the protein supply chain.

Our success reflects the global agribusiness market we now exclusively serve. There’s a compelling need for more transparency and trusted pricing benchmarks across sometimes opaque markets in this vital sector.

Our company’s evolution shows the strong market dynamics behind specialist vertical business intelligence companies, particularly in agribusiness, the world’s largest employer.

Independence, integrity and trust

As we focus exclusively on agribusiness and extend our brands around the world, we discover many deep connections between our communities of agronomists, precision farmers, agrochemical companies, supermarkets, commodity traders and animal nutrition specialists.

Each of these connections provides an information opportunity.

Our trusted, global brands deliver enviably loyal, engaged and growing international audiences right across the agribusiness supply chain.

Our business strength is in the engagement and trust that our brands have with our end-user communities.

Better-informed business decisions

AgriBriefing’s mission is to support all market participants – be they agronomists, precision farmers, agrochemical companies, supermarkets, commodity traders or animal nutrition specialists.

We help them apply cross-sector insights to make better-informed business decisions.

The depth and quality of our relationships also allows us to creatively work with trusted partners in the supply chain to help them introduce their products and services to our audiences around the world.

It’s a global business with associated supply chains requiring an ever increasing sophistication of data to function efficiently.

The executive team

Rory Brown
Rory BrownCo-founder & CEO
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Rupert Levy
Rupert LevyChief Financial Officer
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Gehan Talwatte
Gehan TalwatteNon-Exec Chairman
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Warren Butcher
Warren ButcherManaging Director - Production, Processing & Trading Division
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Jim Kenny
Jim KennyCOO - Urner Barry
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Emma Luetchford
Emma LuetchfordChief Marketing Officer
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Elisabeth Mork-Eidem
Elisabeth Mork-EidemGroup Events Director
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Joe Muldowney
Joe MuldowneyCEO - Urner Barry
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Emma Penny
Emma PennyManaging Director - Inputs Division
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