Agrimoney has long been an independent and objective commentator on the agri commodity markets, providing news and analysis on soft commodities such as wheat, soy and corn to an international audience from across the agri supply chain.We decided to draw on the depth of knowledge provided by our team of journalists, analysts and economists and shine a light on some of those areas that are harder to find information on, or that will benefit from further investigation and analysis.

The first of Agrimoney’s reports, China 2017 looks at Chinese government agricultural policies, changes to them, and the consequences of this for the rest of the world.Our chief economist, John Phelan, provides his analysis on the medium to long term impacts on the markets for rice, wheat, corn/maize, soybeans, rapeseed, and cotton, now that the Beijing government is dismantling its price floor system.

John said “The ending of this comprehensive system in such a major player in agricultural markets will have serious, worldwide effects.”